"We're all just people..."

Sitting with clients for hundreds of hours over the years, listening to their life stories, I understand that we're all just people; experiencing the same fear, and the same longing to be loved and accepted. 

The Deepening Place Podcast is a space where I can share the things I've learned, and how I help people. It is a gathering place to share stories, and a safe place for discussing controversial topics in a civilized manner.


I'll introduce you to some of my champions; those who are paying the price to be free. 

I am a wisdom teacher, a minister to the middle, and my message is for those who want to see clearly in order to love, do good works, and tell their truth.

Your unique expression of life is a light the world desperately needs.

Currently a Texan, I live with my 3 sons and have a psychotherapy 

practice in Austin.

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