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"We're all just people..."

We have become a society locked into ideology, where new life and growth are difficult because we don’t see each other.


I long for a resurgence of debate, where people with different viewpoints emerge feeling energized rather than demonized, an environment where honest conversations about tough topics are not only tolerated but welcomed, and thinking for oneself is celebrated and encouraged.

I’m a minister to the middle, and I see my audience as those who can no longer stomach the radicalization of belief systems and ideals and are walking away. Good people who want to love, do good works and tell their truth.


Sitting with clients for thousands of hours over the years, listening to their life stories, I understand that we're all just people; experiencing the same fear, the same longing.

I was born and raised as a southern, conservative, Christian in Georgia. Stay tuned and I'll tell you about my journey so far, who I've become. Currently a Texan, I live with my 3 sons and have a psychotherapy practice in Austin.