1: Walk in the Desert

In this episode of The Deepening Place Podcast, Jye and Angela discuss meeting for the first time at the COSEBOC Conference in 2019, showing up in unfamiliar spaces to get perspectives from people “different than me,” and their desire for the podcast to be a refuge for people on a spiritual journey. The following things were also discussed:

  • conscious conversations

  • dualistic thinking can be detrimental to community

  • attachment to belief/walk in the desert

  • feeling lonely and alone in a dualistic world

  • Jye’s early years and “Matrix moment”

  • Geaux Tigers!

  • manage mind and emotions

  • road to enlightenment is a descent, not an ascent



“One of my main goals for this podcast is to have conscious conversations about topics people lose their minds over.” Angela 


“I’m called to answer for justice and well being in this world.” Jye


“When we decide someone is wrong, then it’s easy for us to x them out and strip them of their humanity. Then we’re capable of all kinds of darkness.” Angela 


“You’ve learned enough skills in school, you’ve made a community, you’ve realized your purpose, it’s time to start walking that way.” Jye 


“Get ready for the heat, you live in the heat.” Martial Arts Instructor


“If we don’t transform our pain, we will most assuredly transmit it.” Richard Rohr


Mentioned in This Episode

COSEBOC: http://www.coseboc.org

MEASURE Austin: https://www.measureaustin.org

LSU, lsu.edu

St. Edward’s University, stedwards.edu

The Four Agreements Don Miguel Ruiz

Richard Rohr, Center for Action and Contemplation, cac.org



Jye Turk at Linked In

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